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Sports Management involves the management of all the business-related matters related to sportsSports Management involves handling all the administrative aspects of sports teams, sports clubs, athletes, sportspersons, sports venues, and sports events.


 Sports Management is required at all levels where sports are played – from schools to colleges and from local, national to international levels. Sports management offers roles for individuals in diverse areas and functionalities.



In India craze of sports is very high and many sports management company in India is earning very well from this business. If you are thinking of starting your own sports management company then you have to make a business model for your company then you have to execute the business mode and you have to comply with the rules and regulations of the companies act. This article talks about company registration and the process of incorporation of the company so it will give you an idea about the incorporation of the company.


What is a sports management company?

Sports agents represent the most famous and talented athletes in the world, and sports management Companies are the ones who employ them. They are responsible for managing a wide variety of players, worth a lot of money, and there are some pretty formidable agencies out there.

Sports Management in India is already a multi-billion dollar industry and with the ever-increasing corporate investment, media rights, international athletes and the number of leagues running, there is a need for efficient Sports Management Company and sports management company professionals to ensure the smooth functioning of the sports industry in India.

We have compiled a list of some of the biggest sports management companies in India. Kindly note that the order of mention does not define the companies’ rankings.


How to start a sports management company in India?

  • To start a sports management company you need to register your company under the Ministry of corporate affairs and first you need to know about a private limited company. A private limited company can be incorporated with a minimum number of 2 members which is required as per the company’s law. A private limited company can be incorporated through the filing of an incorporation form online. The liability of the member is limited in a private limited company which means the personal assets of the shareholders are not at risk. A private limited company is a separate legal entity that can sue or can be sued and a company keeps on existing forever and the company will keep existing even in the case of death, insolvency of any member. If you are thinking of starting your own sports management company then you have to contribute minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 1 lakh or such a higher amount which may be prescribed from time to time and it is mandatory to use the word private limited after its name.


  • Registration of your sports management Pvt ltd company is important because without this your company is not a legal entity. Registration of every Pvt ltd company is required to be done under the Ministry of corporate affairs as per the companies act. Registration of your company can be done through the online or offline procedure. Online procedure of company incorporation is easy. You have to submit required documents like ID of PAN card, personal and professional documents.



  • The process of registration is very easy first you have to visit the official website of the Ministry of corporate affairs then you have to choose the option of online registration of the company. Then you have to obtain a digital signature certificate for proposed directors because the director of the company will use these digital signatures for future references. Then you have to obtain a director identification number that identifies proposed directors. After obtaining the director’s identification number and Digital signature certificate you have to file your incorporation form for company registration and you have to reserve a name for your private limited company through web RUN services. During the filing of the incorporation form, you have to fill in all required details and have to submit the required documents along with the Memorandum of association and Article of association. After filing your incorporation form you have to submit the required fee for registration. Then your application will be examined and if everything goes right then you will get your incorporation certificate.


  • After company registration, you have to comply with the rules and regulations of a registrar of companies and you have to comply with the income tax department of India. Income tax return filing is also important for you because in case of failure of filing income tax return you may have to face punishment or you may have to pay a huge fine. Before filing the income tax return, you have to make a PAN card for your Pvt ltd company because without a PAN number you cannot file your income tax return and a PAN number is also required for commercial transactions.


  • Conclusion

    As you can see in the above article that a private limited company has many benefits and Pvt ltd company registration is also important for its validation. If you are thinking of starting your own company then you have to comply with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of corporate affairs. As you can see above process of company registration is easy and you can file your incorporation form through online or offline mode. So if you are thinking of starting a private limited company then you should consider the above-given points.




Which is the best Sports Management Company?


Top 10 sports management Companies in India


  • IMG-Reliance. India’s one of the largest companies Reliance Industries collaborated with IMG in a joint venture to promote and develop sports, entertainment, and fashion in India. …
  • Sporty Solutionz. Sporty Solutionz Pvt. …
  • Baseline Ventures. …
  • Rhiti Sports. …
  • Procam International. …
  • JSW Sports. …
  • Sportz Village. …
  • Sportz Interactive.
  •  ITW Consulting



          Sports Management Companies in Mumbai
  • Global Sports Promotions of India
  • International Institute of Sports Management (IISM World)
  • Ironwood Sports Management Global Academy
    Sports Management Companies in Kolkata
  • Gameplan Sports Private Limited
  • Ideas Unlimited Sports Management Group
  • Right Time Sports Management Pvt. Ltd.

    Sports Management Companies in Delhi

  • TURF Sports Management
  • Alien Sports Management
  • Zeal Sports Management

           Sports Management Companies In Bangalore

  • Renes Sports Management
  • Spotify Sports Education & Management Services
  • Connel Sports Management Private Limited


What are Top Sports Management companies in India?


  • Kooh Sports– A new and pioneering sports training, education, and technology-based firm established with a motive to prepare kids of today’s generation ready to play sport and lead a healthier and fit lifestyle. The basic theme of the company is ‘early-stage movement to the podium or early-stage movement to active for life’. Adding to this, the company has been a reckoned name that is responsible for catering and organizing grass root programs at schools to nurture talents via its several sports development centres, initiate interest in playing and promote talent with world-class properties.


  • front foot –Started its journey in the year 2009, the company is a leading pioneer and preeminent group in sports management specialized in organizing inter as well as intra corporate tournaments all over the country. In a small period, it made a strong presence in around 6 cities and still expanding towards more covering Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. Backed up with more than 600 numbers of clients from all across the world, the company has already organized and executed promisingly 200+ events.


  • PMG Sports – The company is one of the oldest and India’s first prominent sports marketing service providers. Started its journey in the year 1985, the company emerged by seeing and figuring out the evolving and growing popularity of cricket along with other sports in the country and realizing the potential for branding for it. Over the years, the brand has emerged and evolved in diverse fields of the sports industry assisting customers to leverage the world of sports to boost up corporate as well as marketing niches. In the country, it has been a forerunner in promisingly founding the synergy between business, sports, and communication across media, with multiple fists to its credit.


  • IOS Sports and Entertainment –The company is a well-acknowledged and reputed group that defines, designs as well as delivers the full range of sports as well as entertainment solutions via a unique and unparalleled integrated approach. The basic motive and mission of the firm are to cater to governments, corporate and government companies, media agencies, federations, and broadcasters with proven sports marketing, properties, PR, communication solutions, content development, strategic collaborations, and event solutions. Focusing majorly on bringing sports and its culture closer to the masses, the company has received accolades and appreciations for the better reach and visibility of its brands.



  • SportzVillage – The company is among the popular sports management firm in the country that has built an ecosystem of sound relationships all across media, federations, brands, sponsors, schools, associations, and sports lovers. Having a wide presence across 5 cities all over the country, the company’s business covers school sports, sports marketing, and events, sports ticketing, sports infrastructure, etc. Having a strong and great passion for sports, the company has 3 subsidiary firms known worldwide as MeraSport, SportzConsult, and EduSports. Being India’s superior sports management company, the company’s major focus is towards creating value for sports, sports consumers, and brands by bringing them together.

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